Gender Fluidity

I am sitting on my own, and having a conversation with a friend in Teamspeak.  Someone joins in my lobby and starts discussing Football, using terminology I have never heard, and expecting me to know all the terms they use and all the different positions.  If I don’t accept that their a 4th string quarterback or a 2nd String Fullback, I am not accepting them for who they are.

Thats what it feels like every time someone brings up the tumblr genders.  If someone starts talking about sports and you ask them to stop, they will say “Oh sorry, sure.”  This is because it’s common courtesy to ask someone who is talking about an unrelated concept to stop talking about it.  If you ask someone who has decided they are going to be a special snowflake gender to stop, they will freak out at you.  “YOU’RE NOT ACCEPTING ME FOR WHO I AM.”  They think they can force their terms for gender on you, and expect you to listen to it.

I respect people’s life choices.  I don’t care what they consider themselves to be, or who they are.  I love people for the way they treat others, not for what they do in their freetime, but that does not mean I want to listen to it.

Just because you have decided something does not mean you can force others to listen to it, learn it, and be expected to readily know your special status.  The same way if someone is Christian, most people don’t know what type of christian they are, because it has nothing to do with them, so they honestly don’t care.  That doesn’t mean we don’t accept them as being whatever type of christian they are, it simply means it’s not important to us, and forcing it down our throats is unpleasant, empty, and results in people avoiding you.

Design, Art, and Code

Everytime I see people doing something with art, I always want to do something like that.  However, I doubt I ever will get as good at them, aside from the messy apartment, which is like many of artists in books and stories.  (Speaking of which I really need to finish cleaning my apartment!)

I guess in a way, code is a form of art, it’s just not as visual as most.  It also requires a lot of practice and a lot of time and effort.  I have been slacking lately, but today I am putting my foot down.  I am going to get back to coding, and I am going to try and post here often enough.  Hopefully if I start posting here, it will give me something better to fill my time than playing games.  I do think I really waste a lot of time actually playing the games.

Although, I did get bronze III yesterday, which is sad.  It’s just, my to-do list is SO long.  I need to start crossing somethings off, cleaning my apartment, doing laundry and generally growing up! Doesn’t that suck?  oh well.

First Post

This is my first post on here.  I will probably edit this page more soon, but I this this is a pretty good start to begin with.  I am Kimberly, obviously.  I am the owner of a harry potter server on minecraft.  I don’t do much else except work and work on that so let’s see what happens.  Anyway!  Woot.